MAC Objects of Affection

Please prepare yourself for a bit of a picture heavy post - I'm a little late to the party raving about this product but I wanted to swatch some of these gorgeous pigments from the MAC Objects of Affection collection. 

 I got 2 of the pigment and glitter sets before Christmas (I think around early November time) and found them to be my most reached for eye products over the festive season. 

First of course is the eye-catching packaging that houses the miniature pigment pots - the chic black tin case is hardwearing and the glittery lid is so eye-catching. 

The Pink & Rose pigment and glitter collection contains 4 shimmers ranging from the palest champagne to burgundy plus the unique glitter.  

L-R Whisper Pink, Tan, Rose, Reining Riches glitter, Heritage Rouge

The Gold & Beige pigment and glitter set houses some more day-to-day shades and contains a matte shade for those times where a pearl or shimmer finish is just not required (What? When might that be??). 

L-R Lithe, English Gilt, Pretty it up, Gold glitter, Deep Brown 

I'll be the first to throw my hands up and admit pigments scare the living daylights out of me but once I mastered removing those funny little plugs, applying and blending the pigments is dreamy and fairly mess-free. I make sure I use a good amount of primer or cream shadow and find fallout can be controlled with a quick flick of a fluffy brush.
 Mac advise not to wear the glitter around the eyes so I suppose they could be used to amp up a nail design? I'm not sure, they're a bit OTT for me and even when passing through the party season I didn't manage to find a use for them.

The sets cost around £25 and considering i've yet to finish a full-sized pigment, I thought it was perfectly reasonable price to pay for the glitzy addition to my dressing table. 

If anybody has any recommendations for the glitters please point me in the right direction!

Take care

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