2015 Goals

Hi Lovelies, Happy New Year!

So much happened in my life in 2014 and it really was a great year. Now, I wasn't planning on creating hundreds of new years resolutions to make me richer or fitter because to be frank, I don't stick to them and find myself quite disappointed when I've spent my last fiver on a McDonalds. 

With that being said there is definitely room for improvement! 

1) Learn to cook - Since moving out (again) and making my own little home with Chris this last year, I feel it should be fitting of me to learn how to cook. I admire people who can take a pile of fresh ingredients and create a lovely meal from them. The best I can manage is fajitas or spaghetti. This year I aim to master at least 1 new recipe a month. 

2) Keep Learning -  I really wanted one of my goals to be: become creative. As much as I would love to turn super-crafty and create lots of lovely home-made goodies to give to my nearest and dearest, it just isn't going to happen. I have the imagination of a newt and the dexterity of a 4 year old. All the women in my family are the crafty kind but I just haven't managed to adopt that ability. Instead I want to expand my knowledge and keep learning! 2014 was a great year for my career and I can foresee things plateauing if i'm not careful. Therefore, whether it be work related, blogging orientated or maybe a practical skill, I want to take positive steps to ensure I document my learning experiences so I can look back and be proud of my efforts. 

3) Go Exploring - I'm quite a creature of habit and as a result often find my choices being quite repetitive. To avoid any ruts and to make sure I get the best out of my year, I want to try lots of new things. This include seeking out the opportunity to visit new places, choosing a different restaurants or maybe just picking a different genre of book. Generally just saying yes more often!

4) Drink more water - typical. 

5) Try harder with blogging. I enjoy reading other blogs so much and attempted in 2014 to set up Bella Mode. I have so much to learn to get the best out of blogging and I really want to give it a shot. Any tips would be gratefully received. 

I also don't think it would harm me to become more organised, take better care of my nails, and utilise my gym membership more often (guilty). 

There we have it, nothing too ground breaking, but a few goals I want to start working on in 2015. I Hope everyone had a lovely festive period and is now feeling wonderfully refreshed and motivated for this next year!

Take care


  1. Drink more water is such a great resolution! I need to get on with that too!

    Love Lauren from Lauren Loves Blog x

    1. If only it was as enjoyable as a nice coffee! xx


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